Why You Need To Use Fluoride Rinses


1. A fluoride rinse is an oral hygiene product whose purpose is to help prevent tooth decay by making the surfaces of teeth harder and thus more resistant to decay. A fluoride rinse should not be confused with mouth washes that list fluoride among their ingredients, but contain it in a lesser concentration. A true fluoride rinse will be labeled as such or identified as an anti-cavity rinse. Many brands of fluoride rinse are available (such as Act or Phos-Flur) at your local pharmacy or retailer which may also carry their own brands. They should all be equally as effective.


One of the many available fluoride rinses.


2. While fluoride rinses are not as effective as fluoridated water in the prevention of tooth decay, they are a useful adjunct to fluoridated water and a necessary part of a regimen that also includes fluoride supplements and in office fluoride treatments if you live in a community whose water supply is not fluoridated.


3. Dr. McArdle recommends to all of his patients that they use a fluoride rinses at home, whether their drinking water is fluoridated or not.


4. The best time to use a fluoride rinse is after brushing and flossing just before going to sleep. This ensures that the surfaces of the teeth are clean and ready for penetration by the fluoride in the rinse. It also allows sufficient time for this penetration to occur as you should neither eat nor drink for at least half an hour after using the fluoride rinse. This is important because the way these rinses work is through incorporation of fluoride into the structure of a tooth's enamel and exposed cementum (root surface). This reinforces those structures making their surfaces harder and more resistant to decay. Be sure to rinse for at least one full minute.


5. If you have any questions about fluoride rinses or any other aspect of your home care, please ask us .


Fluoride rinses are effective for preventing this type of non-chewing surface of teeth decay.


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