Implant Case Studies


           All the implant restorations shown here with these unretouched photographs of his own patients were placed by Dr. Barry F. McArdle, DMD in his own office.


Case Studies


An old, worn out cantilever bridge…

…replaced with an implant and two new crowns.

Implants replacing lost lower molars…

….are restored with crowns to re-establish function.

Four implants in a shrunken ridge, connected by a Hader bar to accept clips, supporting a full lower denture.



The healed implant in place... ... is fitted with an "abutment"... ...that accepts the crown on the implant.




This misaligned tooth, with incurable root disease was replaced by... implant that was in line with the other teeth.



This front tooth (red gums) also had root didease and was...  ...replaced with an immediate implant the day it was removed


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