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Dr. McArdle has served on the active medical staff in dentistry at Concord Hospital in Concord, NH where he played a key role in the start of that institution's Family Health Center dental clinic. The FHC dental clinic serves disadvantaged patients in the greater Concord area. He is currently on the advisory board of the Seacoast Dental Coalition, which coordinates care for the under-served population of the southeastern New Hampshire area and he volunteers at the Families First dental center in Portsmouth, NH. 

Dr. McArdle has served on the board of directors of Priority Dental Health, Inc. (the New Hampshire Dental Society's Direct Reimbursement entity) and also on the editorial board of the New Hampshire Dental Society's Granite State Dentist newsletter.  He has authored articles both nationally and internationally in such peer reviewed publications as THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION, COSMETIC TRIBUNE, THE COMPENDIUM OF CONTINUING EDUCATION IN DENTISTRY, DENTAL ECONOMICS, CONTEMPORARY ESTHETICS & RESTORATIVE PRACTICE, DENTISTRY TODAY, DENTAL PRACTICE REPORT, DENTAL COLLABORATIONS and the British journal DENTISTRY.  One of these appeared in the May 1997 issue of The Journal of the American Dental Association detailing the procedure he pioneered for administering painless injections to the palate.  Dr. McArdle is also a national lecturer in the dental field, having made presentations at such major meetings as The New England Dental Society Annual Meeting, The Yankee Dental Conference and The American Dental Association Annual Convention.  You can learn more about his presentations on his speaking page.  He has been selected by the American Dental Association as an expert reviewer of articles submitted for publication in THE JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION as well.

Dr. McArdle is a member of the American Dental Association, the New England Dental Society and the New Hampshire Dental Society. He also co-founded the Seacoast Esthetic Dentistry Association (SEDA) of Portsmouth, NH in August, 2000.  SEDA provides the greater New England dental community with continuing education on treatment that not only restores function, but also enhances appearance.  Dr. McArdle is an alumnus of The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education as well.

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