Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry

All cosmetic & esthetic dentistry shown was performed by Dr. Barry F. McArdle.

Your smile is important and we can make it over into something beautiful!  The whitening system Dr. McArdle uses is unique on the Seacoast for superior cosmetics. The eight-day process includes two office visits around six days of home sessions. At the first office visit a custom bleaching tray is made for you to take home that day which requires no impression (mold) taking to make. This unique design is in the process of being patented. No other dental office that we are aware of uses this system, which we have found lightens your teeth by some 4-7 shades. We give you a set of instructions for your home sessions and for keeping your teeth lightened after the bleaching has been completed.

Our crown and bridge program is also useful cosmetically. In some cases where lightening may be inappropriate, crowns (also known as caps) can be placed to give you a more desirable shade profile. In other cases where spacing problems are relatively minor and orthodontics (braces) are not an option, crowns can be placed that are shaped in such a way as to shift tooth position and arrange your teeth into a more normal alignment. We also work with some of the world's foremost specialists in implant dentistry to replace one or several missing teeth and to support dentures in patients who are having difficulty wearing conventional ones.

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The contents of this website are provided by Dr. McArdle to furnish you with general information for educational purposes only. Under no circumstances are they intended to replace the personal advice and treatment that you would receive in consultation with a dentist or other health care professional.

We also offer IPS Empress crowns for front teeth. They are made from a special PRESSED CERAMIC material that requires no underlying metal. These metal-free crowns have the most life-like appearance available. For those patients who wish to have no metal in their mouths, tooth colored restorations made at the laboratory from a material called glass polymer, can be used to restore the chewing surfaces of back teeth when crowns are not needed and where bonded fillings are not strong enough to hold up.  For the most beautiful porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns possible (when metal-free crowns may not be appropriate), we use Captek, the most life like porcelain-fused-to-metal type available.  All of our tooth colored crowns, bridgework and inlay/onlay restorations are precisely color matched using the ShadeVision system by X-Rite.  We believe this is the most effective shade selection technology on the market, based on the outstanding results we have obtained using it.

Some patients show disproportionate amounts of gum tissue when they smile. If you are such a patient, Dr. McArdle will refer you to an eminent periodontist (gum specialist) right here on the Seacoast who can lengthen your teeth through periodontal plastic surgery. This a process whereby excess gum is removed from around the roots of your front teeth and the remaining tissue is contoured enabling compatible placement of crowns to produce a more pleasing and esthetic smile.

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